Deadlines and Participation Conditions:

  • Registration and payment of the CMAS fees subscription must be done on
  • The Hotel booking forms, the payment and the bank transfer certificate must be sent to the Organizing Committee according to the following schedule:

Annex 1 Deadline 13.04.2018 Preliminary Entry Form

Annex 2 Deadline 11.05.2018 Hotel Booking Form

Annex 3 Deadline 01.06.2018 Bank Transfer of 50% of the Total Entry Fee

Annex 4 Deadline 29.06.2018 Competitors List Form

Annex 5 Deadline 29.06.2018 Airport Transfer From

Annex 6 Deadline 29.06.2018 Final Hotel Booking Form

Annex 7 Deadline 06.07.2018 Bank Transfer of Completion of the Total Entry Fee

Annex 8 Deadline 06.07.2018 Final Entry Form (Excel)

  • The competitors list have to be entered in and the excel form (Annex 5) should be sent to the Organizing Committee.
  • The list of National Records should be sent to CMAS HQ and the Organizing Committee.
  • For further information, please contact